"One who earns the Grace of Bhairavi neither has to live in concern or fear of life or death, of poverty, or of failure. All that a human being considers as wellbeing will be his if only he earns the Grace of Bhairavi."
“My mission would be to Consecrate the Planet itself. On this Planet no being- man, woman, child, animal or insect, should exist in a space which is not consecrated.”              Sadhguru

With Sadhguru’s blessings, Volunteers of Isha Foundation in and around Salem, embarked on the construction of a Linga Bhairavi Devi temple at Salem. About 1 acre of land was bought. Another 1 acre was donated by a philanthropist of Salem, also our mediatator.

On 11th July 2011, Bhoomi pooja was performed at the temple site by Sadhguru. Following that, work is going on….